Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From the kitchen garden...

Summers are almost back here in Delhi.  Just finished harvesting the last lot of baby Spinach from my kitchen garden here.  And now the place is clean again.  Thinking of putting up some new seeds soon.  Rather then going for tomatoes, lady fingers and Brinjal etc.  I am planning to plant something else.  What I don't no now, urgently in need of some ideas.  
All washed and ready to cook


  1. wow!!thts a whole lot!!and all home grown...especially when all the leafy greens tht u get in the metros r generally grown on wasteland!:(

  2. Wow! This looks like a bountiful harvest... !! Do share previous pics of your kitchen garden !!

    P.S : Love the white pitcher filled with bougainvillea flowers... So pretty !!!

  3. Can't believe you got so much of spinach from your kitchen garden. Lucky you!

  4. you've got a beautiful blog and ur home looks so inviting! :-) Where do u put up in Delhi?