Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reminiscing Memories-2

For me year 2011 was a u-turn, I mentioned about it in one of my earlier post also.  But remembering some of the petty happy moments also.  Which I cannot forget and still make me smile.  
One of my early year visit to Amritsar is unforgettable.  First week of Feb queued up near the door of Golden Temple at 4 in the morning for almost 2 hrs, our naked frosted feet, almost soaking wet, for it was drizzling through out the morning.  we were all shivering, twice we made up our mind to go back to the hotel, and after all this also I was there to stick though.  It was difficult for my husband also to budge me from the place at all. We were surprised to see the other devotees so calm and slowly hemming the prayers after all this also.  At last we received the blessings.  Then to beat the chill,we had sweet hot milk which I can't stand by also. But it really worked wonders in the unpleasantly cold and chilly weather.  What an experience!  Aghast!!
Soon after that day we visited Jaliawalla Bagh and then the Wagah Border in the evening.  All thought the day for the first time I experienced different feelings.  Sacred, discontented and later patriotic while sitting next to Pakistan(i.e. India).  I felt like a true Indian.  
Don't know from where we got all the energy.   But had a great day and real fun.
 The exquisite beauty of the Temple is really astounding.

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