Thursday, March 15, 2012

My WorkSpace @ home

For quite long, I was longing for my own space of work, a cozy space to read blogs, check emails and study. I was just not able to find the correct space at home. Then thought of using this hardly used extra guest bedroom for the study cum t.v/music room. And it turned out to be really worth. The ample bright light showering on the table, is what I love the most about this nook. Now I do not require any artificial light at all through out the day. And also my plants got a permanent home.

Actually when I am not studing, I love to read books and on the table above are the  set of books picked up from my library here, here which I would read in the coming days ahead.  

Since toddler my kiddo loves to cut, cut, draw, draw and paste.  So above is her collection of color pencils and pens.  Before they were all set up here.  Now they have got a new space.

In the picture above what you see is a Slipper but it is actually a pencil sharpener (yeah!!! you got it right it is chenee..)  And according to Feng shui they say that a crystal globe is powerful for mentor luck and education luck.  I don't actually follow them much, this was a gifted one and so it has a meaningful place now.


  1. An energetic yet cozy place to retreat and do what pleases you :)

  2. WoW ! Shivani, This is a beautiful space to blog your thoughts... Love the greenery and the plant holders too.. !!

  3. Lively, green and pleasing work space. Loved your blog too and following it now.