Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy birthday Chicky...

Its been a month now,  don't no just out of the blues my little angel has developed a sudden feeling and love for teddy soft toys.  Although she used to cuddle them before but not that frequent.  These days she sleeps with them, dresses them as well as chit-chats with them.  Last Sunday she asked me if we can celebrate Chicky's (the tweaty duck in pink) birthday.  The moment I said yes,  she was all set to make list and invitees (yes...she made some of the prettiest invitees).  She made sure to write in the invitees, Gifts not allowed(that was a lovely gesture by her).  She gave me the list for the party, budget was set for 150 Rs only.  Yes, why not I believe kids should be sensitive about money(isn't it hard-earned).  And well we shopped balloons, cold-drink, pizzas, kurkure and not to forget return gift too.  I Baked the cake myself, but could not work-out for the topping due to shortage of time.  I know it will be hard to believe but yes I shopped(everything ...and mind it nothing ordered on phone)decorated and baked all in one hour (somewhat like a  Super mom !!! yayyyy) 

All set for the Party in the Garden.

The party reminded me of those day when we as kids used to celebrate our dolls birthday, and most of us would agree with me that we also used to marry the two dolls.  OMG,  we all used to get Nick-knacks from home to set up the wedding of our dolls.  Those summer afternoons when our mothers fast asleep and we all including sister, cousins and friends would have a great time celebrating weddings, and not to forget our chai party also with those kitchen toys.......Oh! Those childhood days.....


  1. how very very adorable shivani :) i am sorry sweetheart been so irregular on your page..but shall devote more time to reading everyone soon :) lots of love to your tiny tot n her chickey :) happy holi gorgeous :)