Wednesday, March 28, 2012


If there's anything to find me organized, check my closets, one is here.  I am big time organized and don't like things to be out of place.  I will blow my mind seeing things not in place.  Here is one of my oldest sewing boxes (nearly 11 yrs old).  I love to collect variety of threads and feel that whenever I am in need of any stitching material it should be there in my box.  As you can see in the picture below.

Below is the picture of my study Table Drawer about which we discussed here.  Small things (but very important) needed a fixed place so got a box with dividers to keep the nick-knack things.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My WorkSpace @ home

For quite long, I was longing for my own space of work, a cozy space to read blogs, check emails and study. I was just not able to find the correct space at home. Then thought of using this hardly used extra guest bedroom for the study cum t.v/music room. And it turned out to be really worth. The ample bright light showering on the table, is what I love the most about this nook. Now I do not require any artificial light at all through out the day. And also my plants got a permanent home.

Actually when I am not studing, I love to read books and on the table above are the  set of books picked up from my library here, here which I would read in the coming days ahead.  

Since toddler my kiddo loves to cut, cut, draw, draw and paste.  So above is her collection of color pencils and pens.  Before they were all set up here.  Now they have got a new space.

In the picture above what you see is a Slipper but it is actually a pencil sharpener (yeah!!! you got it right it is chenee..)  And according to Feng shui they say that a crystal globe is powerful for mentor luck and education luck.  I don't actually follow them much, this was a gifted one and so it has a meaningful place now.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy birthday Chicky...

Its been a month now,  don't no just out of the blues my little angel has developed a sudden feeling and love for teddy soft toys.  Although she used to cuddle them before but not that frequent.  These days she sleeps with them, dresses them as well as chit-chats with them.  Last Sunday she asked me if we can celebrate Chicky's (the tweaty duck in pink) birthday.  The moment I said yes,  she was all set to make list and invitees (yes...she made some of the prettiest invitees).  She made sure to write in the invitees, Gifts not allowed(that was a lovely gesture by her).  She gave me the list for the party, budget was set for 150 Rs only.  Yes, why not I believe kids should be sensitive about money(isn't it hard-earned).  And well we shopped balloons, cold-drink, pizzas, kurkure and not to forget return gift too.  I Baked the cake myself, but could not work-out for the topping due to shortage of time.  I know it will be hard to believe but yes I shopped(everything ...and mind it nothing ordered on phone)decorated and baked all in one hour (somewhat like a  Super mom !!! yayyyy) 

All set for the Party in the Garden.

The party reminded me of those day when we as kids used to celebrate our dolls birthday, and most of us would agree with me that we also used to marry the two dolls.  OMG,  we all used to get Nick-knacks from home to set up the wedding of our dolls.  Those summer afternoons when our mothers fast asleep and we all including sister, cousins and friends would have a great time celebrating weddings, and not to forget our chai party also with those kitchen toys.......Oh! Those childhood days.....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surprise...Guest of Honor

My garden yet astounded me again as before also.  The other day my daughter shouted from the hall, mummy see there is a Peacock in our garden.  We were both so besieged, to see the peacock.  My daughter got the camera instantly and we both clicked numerous pictures of the peacock from the window of our room.  To our surprise peacock was not ready to leave that early.  As it is getting hotter day by day, my daughter ran for water to serve her as in the last picture.  The peacock expended more than an hour, unlike before it stayed only for a couple of minutes and we both had a great time clicking pictures together.  

And as seen below is the raw look of the garden with no touch up dry leaves all over.  Springy, greeny feel and the perfect weather here in Delhi to be outside in the evenings.

Our dear little p.e.a.k.y (that's what my daughter named her) had a great time in the garden.   Please be a regular visitor to our garden,  we would try to be the ideal host.  We know that you forage for seeds, grasses, flowers and plants.  Our garden is all yours.  We will try to lay the best grass for you.  For seeds and plants will be the most scrumptious you will devour and would munch on.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reminiscing Memories-2

For me year 2011 was a u-turn, I mentioned about it in one of my earlier post also.  But remembering some of the petty happy moments also.  Which I cannot forget and still make me smile.  
One of my early year visit to Amritsar is unforgettable.  First week of Feb queued up near the door of Golden Temple at 4 in the morning for almost 2 hrs, our naked frosted feet, almost soaking wet, for it was drizzling through out the morning.  we were all shivering, twice we made up our mind to go back to the hotel, and after all this also I was there to stick though.  It was difficult for my husband also to budge me from the place at all. We were surprised to see the other devotees so calm and slowly hemming the prayers after all this also.  At last we received the blessings.  Then to beat the chill,we had sweet hot milk which I can't stand by also. But it really worked wonders in the unpleasantly cold and chilly weather.  What an experience!  Aghast!!
Soon after that day we visited Jaliawalla Bagh and then the Wagah Border in the evening.  All thought the day for the first time I experienced different feelings.  Sacred, discontented and later patriotic while sitting next to Pakistan(i.e. India).  I felt like a true Indian.  
Don't know from where we got all the energy.   But had a great day and real fun.
 The exquisite beauty of the Temple is really astounding.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reminiscing memories-1

Last year our quick visit to Hill fort kesroli was quite an experience.  Our trip was a much needed break from work mentally and physically.  The change was king size and I personally feel these small trips should be more frequent.  Always on a trip like this we swear to ourselves for numerous trips but our busy urban life and never-ending deadlines forbid us from it.  Well harking back to those days and the natural beauty of the place,
here are some quick clips.

The Authentic Entrance of the Hill Fort kesroli Resort

The Hill Fort kesroli,  Sited atop the rare, dark Hornstone Breccia rocks, it commands splendid agrarian views from its ramparts which rise to 50-65 meters/ 150-200 feet.

The pink colour reminds me of the Holi which is near the corner.
In the picture above you can see cemented hooks, which were used years back to tie the horses with it.  And actually some of the best rooms were stables before turned into Mahals now.

The stairs to the heaven.
My favorite hot spot, bird bath for birds, really creative.  
Gonna steal the idea soon, my kinda here and here.

Dinning hall above, with some delicious, mouth-watering dishes.

Rear view from the window above
Common play area above.
And from the terrace view is just........a w e s o m e ! 
on the streets of Alwar below