Saturday, June 4, 2011

Need Help!!!

Dear friends, I need your help badly.  It’s been a couple of days trying to change the look of my sofa.  For me I can’t stick to one style. Thinking of inviting some turquoise beauty in my house too, got this handmade wrap around from my mom, to play around with it.  But the idea seems to be a flop, ‘coz I am not able to mix n match pillows with it.
At last this is the option I could work on plssss help me now.  Here and here is what actually it was sometime before.
All your ideas and suggestions are welcome.


  1. somehow the pics above is looking very attractive.fuschia and rust
    orange cushion cover will make the turcoise spread to stand out.
    if u like something subtle try pairing the wrap with white/black cushion or white/petal green cushion.Along with this your coffee table
    can also have makeover with green and pink flowers :)

  2. Shivani, I really like it this way...loving the turquoise!

  3. I like the sofa this way... May be its the coffee table that needs a change... !! You can Remove the tray and keep some other accents on the table... it will look great !!

  4. Totally love it the way it is...! Takes some pizzazz to mix those colours and textures and you seem to have made them work very well.. also adore the distressed tray, it balances the colours with charm..Good one!

  5. Totally love it.. Its S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.

    Shivani.. where are you?? Long time no blog... Come back to blogging soon!! :-)

  6. I dont know where my comment went.. I totally love love.. what I see above.. Would love to see more pics..

    Shivani.. where are you?? Long time in blogland.. Come back to blogging soon.. :-)

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