Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just like that...

Talking about birds in my previous post reminds me of this cage which is hanging at my entrance.   The other day I went to the vet shop to get food (Dog biscuits…Oh! she loves them) for my dog and fish food.  I saw this cage thrown up at the corner.  I have always admired the variety of cages used as a decor and styling thing.  So, here I have experimented, although it is just kind of first step to my kind of styling as a beginner.  I hope you like it and give me further ideas to work upon it as in.

I bought this cage thinking that I will put a plant inside it which right now is above.  And to laugh upon didn’t think of the door which is so tiny.  Of which I realized after hanging the cage here.  I was actually laughing on myself.  Then I made a small bird sit inside the cage here *peek a boo*. 

Here are some nice clicks, as I played with the object.   
Some have to bear it *sad* and 
some will surely enjoy like me *smiles*.


  1. Beautiful Shivani!:)
    Is this a Gurgaon home??...Gorgeous!

    An ex-Gurgaonwalli

  2. ohh i think its pretty cool, diwali time ideal decoration to wrap up a thin string of fairy lights

  3. Hey, this is gorgeous..please do link this post to the Keybunch springsummer fest carnival.

  4. Gorgeous pics.. Shivani..!!

    How about this :

  5. @Sanghamitra, Yes I stay in Gurgaon
    @Sulagna, that was a great idea, will definitely do it up in Diwali

  6. @Rekha, Thankyou so much, thanks for the invitation I have linked this..
    @Emreen, You are such a sweet heart, Fab idea, anyone's for dinner I am gonna do this for sure...

  7. Wow, this is pretty! The cage and the plants around it. Like like!

  8. Wow !!such a delight to see lovely images...your clicks are inspiring me to bring some green plants..gorgeous!

  9. so pretty... your home is gorgeous!! I totally loved it!! :-)

  10. What a cute idea!! The bird looks so real!! It looks perfect for a creeper/vine!!

  11. Thanks a ton, Ambika, Gagan and Patty.
    @Deepi, waiting to see your Green clicks too soon.
    @Purnima, Oh yaah the bird actually looks real and yes it is definitely a good idea for creepers and vines...xx, Shivani

  12. Lovely pics....I really like this plant and yours is flourishing very well. A few of its stems placed with a couple of flower stems...makes a beautiful flower arrangement.