Thursday, April 7, 2011

In my bookshelf

I don’t like to stay away from Blogging World, but I don’t have any choice.  Cause I am doing my studies and have to give exams each month.  So for few days of the month I will be away.  Well as of now I am free and the weekend is near the corner.  So, I just want to grab a Book from my bookshelf.  Now which one should I pick please give me any idea.
This would be a relaxing weekend.  The first thing I want is to sleep (just love like anything) for at least fifteen hours. Second, gonna catch a book with my special homemade brewed Coffee.  Third, a cozy corner and for hours just read, read and read.
Wow! Right now it is in my mind and I am surly going to make it a reality although I have to do lot of other things too this weekend, cleaning and de-cluttering as it is over a week I over-looked so many things.*phew*
My dear friend Sulagna from pink n black just asked me that is she the only one to find all the books in Red, Orange pattern.  Actually i forgot to mention that this is one of the section of my bookshelf.  Well i have arranged all my books in color pattern.....*wink wink*
How's dat!!!


  1. am i the only one to notice all your books have red, maroon or orange covers :)

  2. gorgeous!! Did you actually put them together based on colour??

  3. Yes Patty I have actually put the books color based soon I will post the pics of the other section of the bookshelf too.....

  4. Best of luck for your studies from Oslo :)

  5. enjoyed your blog visit a lot !
    some beautiful click there !