Sunday, April 10, 2011

birds need you this summer...

Birds need you this summer.
Summer is at its peak. It has already crossed 39C.
Many birds die in summer due to lack of water.  
Place water pots for thirsty birds in Terraces, Compound wall & Balconies.
These messages and emails are making a round everywhere, and me being an animal lover also would appeal all the people who are reading this to do their tiny bit by keeping a bowl of fresh water out side your balcony or garden.
Here are the pictures of my sweet Bird Bath which I bought a month back.

What are you doing your bit to save the little creatures….

I sincerely appreciate all my Blogger friends who have appreciated the cause,  but that is not complete.  I again plead all of you to come forward and show the world that how you care and actually you have placed a bowl(made up of as simple as mud/steel) of water for the little creatures.
I request all my blogger friends to create a little post for the same and 
show their bit to the world...
Creating the link for you please attach it here


  1. what a lovely thought shivani :)

  2. This is lovely... Where did u get this cutie bird bath from... ?

  3. Adorable! And a lovely thought for the birds...

  4. Shivani.. your bird bath is gorgeous.. I've been thinking about how to educate the girls and their school mates about this.. Today, Sims came with the idea, of making little brochures for all her class mates.. We shall be doing this soon!! :-)

    This is a lovely cause.. And we are so proud of you for bringing this up!! Well done!!

  5. Love the bird bath and your thoughtfulness about their welfare:)

  6. What a pretty bird bath! Loved it! and a wonderful thought too...will definitely join in...soon.

  7. very pretty Shivani. We ae no whee close to summer here but will do the same later in the year! Hope you got my email?

  8. Hi Shivani. Wonderful thought and a lovely drive. I just did a post in March about birds - to take care in the extreme freezing cold conditions :-). Hot or cold they need to be taken care of and I appreciate your thoughts. Here I am linking my post.

  9. Came here from Patty's blog- And so glad that I did! bird bath is very pretty...

  10. Same as Divya@SHP, came here from ColoursDekor. A beautiful thought behind this bird bath. Appreciate it! And loved the birdbath too!

  11. What a cute bath bath!!! yes it gets really hot in these days!! every bit helps..I am sharing your post.

  12. A Big THANKYOU to all my Blogger friends, you have supported directly/indirectly for the cause...hoping in the coming future whoever reads this post is definitely gonna make a difference, making them rethink 'bout the little creatures who make our mornings fresh and full of life....


  13. Dear,
    I am having the same water feeder in my house at Chennai.
    Once i reach there i will upload the photo.
    By the by on reading Emreens Adopt a nestbox today, i got one bird feeder from here Home Dept and hanged it out a tree just front of my sons house.
    I am happy putting grains inside and watching birds eating it along with my grandson(8 months old and happy watching birds).

  14. Lovely bird bath. I have been told that the water level should not be more than 2-3 inches thick.