Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Monday!!

I am especially happy about this Monday because today I have got off from work. With me and I think for many people Monday is a difficult day at work.  For the reason that we are still on a holiday mood.  Most of my Monday's are sleepy and sluggish because of the eventful Sunday (which generally we avoid..still). 

This flower-do as in the picture above is not done my ME (in fact it was done by my sweet maid last week).  My in-laws and family had to visit my place when I was at work.  So I instructed her to pluck some flowers from the garden (which generally I avoid.....) and place them in the silver glass of water.  Well she did a notable work and the flowers gave a refreshing feel to the room too.


  1. lovely pic shivani and glad that the blogging and posting pictures is regular now :)

  2. Jaisa Raja Vaisa praja ( like king like subjects) :-). Your made had done it quite well. Bring my greetings to her.

  3. Your maid has done a good job... Love the pillows in the background... and that wooden tray too...!!

  4. Beautiful...!!!
    Nice pictures..

    -Rachana Saurabh