Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Wrap up -1!!

My weekend was full of cleaning, cleaning and de-cluttering.  With the start of the new school session for my daughter, I removed all her old books and made space for the new ones.  Then I also packed up all the winter clothes.  The cupboard looks orderly, neat and tidy.  In fact I made and placed tag above her clothes line for her ease.
For every season I have to shop for her clothes ‘cause of her speedy growth.  So for now the summer shopping list is endless *groan*.


  1. Very neat and organized... i like the colorful tags... !! I like the colorful wardrobe and that teddy bag too...!!

  2. Oh so.. well organised.. This is on my list of things to do as well... We are buying new books on thursday... so I think.. the coming weekend.. I'll be cleaning.. clearing... sorting..

    My girls clothes can never be piled up so neatly.. really.. You've done a fab job.. :-)

  3. Shivani, I have just passed on the "You are the best blogger award " to you and tagged you... Please check the link : http://liventhingsup.blogspot.com/2011/03/award-and-tag.html

    Please accept the award and pass it on to other blogger friends ....!!

    Btwn, I was not able to find your email or website in your blogger profile - Was it intended to be that way ?

  4. looks so neat,luvthe idea of tag