Saturday, March 26, 2011

My girls study nook!!!

After going through Patty’s latest Blog post related to her girl’s exquisite Room walls {Patty you Rock!!!}.  It reminded me of sharing with you my daughter’s study corner too.  About which I discussed with you here some time back and just forgot to post….  

I gave the makeover to the boring BLUE color chair we had previously.  I painted the legs WHITE then got a thick cloth and I actually stitched it myself…now how don’t ask meee….phewwww!!

But at least it looked better then that chair.
And hey don't go by the pictures.....the table does not looks the same neat n tidy always...
Just I had a GOOD DAY hahaha *wink*


  1. This is soo colorful.. and girly...!! So neat and organized too.. (A secret : My table was always a mess ;-) ;-) .in my primary school days)

    And I love that chair make-over..!! How did you manage to do it.. Oh!! I am not supposed to ask right !! Just being curious ;-) ;-) Not to mention that you have done a fab job of it !!

  2. a very pretty desk so cool for a little princess :)

  3. Neat and lovely and that chair makeover is a job well done..have a great weekend.