Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Thumb Decor Part-1

Since December I was not able to update my blog because of my password being hacked.  I felt ghastly as not able to update soooo many things. 
But forgetting the past I am back and I am so happy bout it.  The first thing I would like to do is attach this post with patty’s blog…so longing to do so.
This is a view of my teeny-winny garden under the stairs at the entrance.
Then I also painted permanently the pattern on the floor with white paint.  The idea was given by my husband when I was making the pattern on diwali.  He gave an idea of painting it permanently with white paint.  I was overwhelmed with the idea and finally it is there. 
Before I had this boring and dull, huge Grill.  But then with the arrival of the spring yearning for flowers got the idea of hanging some plant on the grill also and they have come out really pretty.  What say Girls..  But eeeeek that welded hook needs to be painted tooo. 

And thereeee you can see my sweet little bitch has also come into the picture.  Well her name is fruity but I must say she is not that juicy.  She is a real bitch. She is very clever, fiery and active.  But yes she loves us more then we love her(yah I m serious, or i can say she is  more expressive).  Last year when our maid had gone for a holiday and nobody used to be home as we were all at work.  My neighbors used to complain of her crying(actually, which could be heard from 1/2km also) and that also whole day long.  And once when we were back she was fine as if nothing happened.  But yess our house had definitely become famous among neighbors to talk about....lols 


  1. Absolutely love your permanent "rangoli"---it adds so much charm to your lovely green garden--those are very happy plants! :) Good to know you're back to blogging---I just got back from a long trip to India too! Nice to catch up with you! Do post more often!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! Shivani... what gorgeous images!! I will start a link party specially for you... for now I'm featuring the pics on my blog... But you and a few others also asked for the link party.... so coming up...

    Thank you love.. for the constant motivation and support... You rock!!

  3. Shivani... here for you to link in...

    Thank you!! :-)

  4. Lovely Shivani...your plants look so green and beautiful and that Grill door a wounderful backdrop...

  5. beautiful space cool..real green thumb

  6. too good,..luved the painting on the floor too

  7. Glad to have you back , Shivani... Lovely pics...!! Luv the idea of welding rods to hang pots... So neat and cool...!! Thanks for sharing...!!

  8. These are beautiful Shivangi, you have a great collection :)