Thursday, August 5, 2010

my kinda corner

This is my one of the favorite corner of my house.  Where I sit and relax and the most I most work on my blogs.  And how can my little one stay away from me.  Our breakfast table is used as dual purpose also.  She sits besides me reading her favorite BOOKS.(these days it is Junie B Jones & Amelia Jane)  Also colors you will find everywhere in my house.
To that point I must share with you my essentials(at my den)
BOOKS (you will find at every corner of my house)
PLANTS (cant live without them)
PEBBLES,pebbles of different sizes everywhere....

Well I am joining the August table top party you are also INVITED there.....


  1. LOVELY! so glad you decided to the colors and the vase...gorgeous and ati sunder!!!

  2. Shivani... thats awesome... thanks for joining in.. Im touched... Love your colours... and the books..

    Love the vase.. Its beautiful... You must share pics of your home.. for a home tour on my blog.. ;-)

  3. beautiful the crayons!!!

  4. Simply beautiful, Shivani..loved the cushions and the vase

  5. liked your space , wishing you all the very best

  6. Loved your space Shivani...especially the colors in the coffee mug!:)

  7. loved all the pics especially buddha