Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had a pretty good collection of very old coins.  Coins which are more than 100yrs old from all over the world.  But the collection is of no use unless it is seen and appreciated.  For days they  were closed in the bottle.  That is absolutely no value.  Then I thought of giving them there space and the actual importance. 

 Just got the frame from the market.  And can you be believe it,  I made the mount myself and pasted the coins on it.  Not very tough but took good time. 

 and as goes the saying HARD WORK PAYS..
I placed it at the corner with a height just above the sofa,  
So that it can be visible and readable if required.
That made an antique innovative corner in a contemporary home.


  1. Oh lovely.. that looks fab.. Nice way to show your collection..

    You've done a fabulous job...

  2. Shivani,I am new to your blog.even i have a small decor blog.Hopping blogs after blogs,just came to your blog.happy to see the lively blog with lot of plants around here.if its possible,share some pictures of your home with me on my blog.basically a home tour sort of.please do send it to me at my email id.visit my blog when you get the time to..thanks lakshmi