Friday, June 25, 2010

chirping birds..

On my last visit to doon,  I found some old wooden birds lying in the store.Which I couldn't ignore thrown away like that.  Although I didn't knew how I am going to use them, but after coming from doon they kept lying in my house for a month or so.  Then yesterday just thinking of giving some creative work to my daughter,  we both planned to paint it in black.  And she helped me painting it BLACK. We left it for drying overnite.  In the morning the first thing after coming from the garden,  WHERE TO HANG THEM???  At first we both agreed on putting them in her room,  but at last I thought  of hanging them in our dining area,  matching the decor of the room.  And they came out to be RAVISHING BEAUTIFUL.
but the light in the room didn't favoured me,  the pictures came out were just please bear wid me

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