Monday, November 24, 2014

You can do more than you think you can..

I earned it!
Yes I completed my long awaited Airtel Delhi Half marathon-2014 yesterday.  Don’t know how but my experience with this particular event again turned out to be sour like last year when I did my maiden.  Nothing to relate with the organization of the event (it is the best), but my personal experience.

I completed the half in 2:09 hrs, but since I was shooting better performance than this, where last year did my maiden same event in 2:45 hrs.

The not so good part –
1.       Me and N parted soon after the entry gate and I kept looking for him around the warm-up area till 7:13 where the run had already started at 7:05.  Went back to start the run, I was left with no choice but to run in F category.
2.      After starting the run, all 4 kms I was bothered/upset as had to hand over him the stuff.
3.      On the top of it, the settings of my watch were changed and it showed the current calories being burned, while running.  And that was just a bad bad luck.
4.      I was very low, ran through out without getting an idea about timings I was clocking.

At the end I felt I could have done little better if all this did not happen, or this is just an escape reason.

Better if I just post that….  My marathon recap = I didn't run fast enough again.  
End of the story.

Maybe I am just a mediocre runner.  But I am giving it my all and do believe that my best is yet to come.  If I “fail” then I fail, but I won’t ever regret trying.  But I absolutely would regret not trying to see how good I can be and pursuing the goals I have in the sports that I love.

I have always felt about myself as an optimist.  I believe in good things.  I look on the bright side.  I have hope.  That’s me.

And I completely believe this –
You can do more than you think you can.


Doing big, hard, crazy, awesome, scary things makes you feel alive. Find your "crazy"... your passion... and go after it.
That is what makes you who you are. 
TWO FEET TO FLY (with my crazy friends)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Never going to ring the Bell..

In a recent Dwarka Run, where I completed 10 km in 59 mins, sub-1 was my dream come true.  I was working on the sub-1 timings for quite long. 
And today when I look 2 yrs back, I would have never believed that there will be a day when I would run this strong.
This realization has given me a really big boost.  It has shown me how much progress I have truly made and how far I have come.  It has made me excited to think about where I could be in a few more years.

Believe in yourself.  Believe in dreams.  Believe in progress.  Believe in possibilities.  Believe in the power of hard work and dedication.  Believe that you can.

So here I am, with load of confidence and commitment.  For the next 8 weeks I am going to put my all into getting ready in every way for the big day.

Of course I am not going to give up what so ever.

Admiral William recently gave the commencement speech at his alma mater,  the University of Texas.  This is how the Admiral, a former Navy SEAL, opened his address: “Everyday during training, you were challenged with multiple physical events.  Long runs, long swims, obstacle courses, something designed to test your mettle.  Finally, in SEAL training there is a bell – a brass bell that hangs in the compound for all the students to see.  All you have to do to quit – is ring the bell.  Ring the bell, and you no longer have to wake up at five o’clock.  Ring the bell, and you no longer have to the runs, the obstacle course, the PT, and you no longer have to endure the hardships of training.  All you have to do to ring the bell to get out.  If you want to change the world, don’t ever, ever ring the bell.”
(There is an awesome three minute video that goes with this you can watch it here.)

Simply put, I am not ever, ever going to ring the Bell.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

new addition ..


Since quite long I was brooding over hanging up the picture in this empty frame.  Reason - my guest would still pop up with the question, “Why is there an empty frame?” And I had no answer as it was intensely kept like that. So, I would say I am still thinking of the RIGHT picture to hang.

Now as per my friends and family, Wall is complete.  I liked it too (SMILES).


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Midweek break!

It’s been fortnight since got back to work, after the break.  I have become time slave again fighting with the the daily grind.  Cooking something special, watching a movie with family and free ME time is left only to weekends. 

But today the day turned out to be different.  I got back from the work an hour before.  Without taking a second break, jumped in to complete all my daily chores.  Result, I was free before time, leading to the most ideal situation a clean, neat and chore-free house.  
Made myself a soothing cup of ginger tea with some cookies and enjoyed all the time in the world to read, write, think and rest of the day to me and myself. 

Do you also get midweek break sometimes?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

and THE KITCHEN rules always..

Kitchen has always been my foremost place in the house about which I am the most obsessed. 
I tend to be a neatnik, and kitchen to me is also one of the place where I can spend time with my friend chatting over a cup of coffee anytime-YES WHY NOT.  Why restrict kitchen to a place only for chopping, cooking, cleaning utensils, store grocery etc etc.  As a cook I am anything but neat.  Yes that means I cook quite clean unless n until I am really really short of time.  I believe that kitchen of one’s house reflect our character about keeping up the things and managing work(it can be anywhere).    

Here are the few updates from my kitchen, from last years to current year.  It is the only time of the year when I really think out of the box to do up my kitchen i.e. during the summer break from work.

It is not the Before and After but how the place has evolved/grown over a years time.

2013 SUMMER -

2014 SUMMER -

Due to shifting of Water purifier there was no space to hang my cups rack like last year.  So added new cup hooks making the counter more user friendly and easily accessible, also keeping the organizing elements next to the sink.  

More Travelling more Sovieniers (MY TREASURE)

From past few years I have been collecting white wares but in no time I will be short of space (wink).  I love the pretty details in the kitchen, like the open wood shelves, white ware, magnetic knife bar, and plenty of light.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First International Event-2014

Sundown Marathon Singapore brings out night running and stood out from other marathons that took place in the morning. It was the nation’s first night marathon in 2008, and had reached 30,000 runners till date, making it Asia’s largest night marathon
This year with a new theme: BRING ON THE NIGHT.
Yes I registered for my first International half marathon in Singapore, 2014 as a commencement to the Family Vacation this year in Singapore and Phuket.
Arrived Singapore day before the Run, Day Sunday all geared up landed into the F1 pit area from where the run had to start.  Entry to the start pen was via a narrow pathway at the front of the pit building and it was a bottleneck, with everyone squeezing their way in.  It almost took me half an hr to reach the start line.
The half-marathoners were the last to go off at 12:30AM (on 1 June).
All Runners getting ready for race.
The start, as all large-scale running events go, was very very crowded.  My strategy was to just follow a good pacer for few kilometers to get out of the crowd. And I surely followed one till 4 kms but the weather was unbelievably humid (probably due to the impending rain) and the atmosphere was very stuffy, especially when running in a crowd. Result I was already drenched.  I started slowing down.  
After Nicoll Highway, the lanes got narrower as we entered the Kallang area and people were getting impatient as they struggled to overtake. I was already soaked to the skin.  At the end of a bridge (before the 6km mark), there was a hydration station, after having water I felt soooooo much better as if I was alive from dead.  I picked up the speed again.

Hydrated again myself at 8km mark, felt so much relieved.  As I approached the 10km mark, the road widened and visibility was better, so the run became less congested.
Singapore River Lah @ Marina Sandsbay
The best part of this run was around the Marina Sandsbay area that brings the best scenic night of Singapore and made my running much more pleasant.  I thoroughly enjoyed that part of Singapore.
Although, had a tough time crossing the Benjamin shears bridge which was quite steep @ 16km mark, seeing everybody walking that bridge,  so I also started walking but as I tried to restart my run after few minutes got a severe cramp as usual (my old problem)

Bouts of rain came on after we passed the Fort Road point.
And the last 20km Mark.
The rest of the journey was a mental game as the mind battled with the legs to go on. This was the first run where, all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind, including the thought of never doing this again in Singapore. 
But after I completed it, with jelly legs as a souvenir, felt a great sense of accomplishment.
Running at night has a different set of challenges due to the reduced visibility, as I thought it would be cooler temperature, but I was wrong the extra humidity really killed me.

I admit it is insane to be running your lungs out while others are asleep, but the 30,000 of us who went for the Sundown Marathon certainly share the same crazy element.
Hereby we earned our Holiday which starts now..

At the end, with a thought
"Strength and growth comes only through continuous effort and struggle." - Napoleon Hill

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Run less, Run faster

Looking forward to soon running my first overseas night marathon which would be truly a unique way to literally leave ones footprints behind and collect many travel (running) stories.
Although I have trained quite hard on endurance building like worked 7days-7k, did some long runs but I am still very skeptical if I would be able to improve on my timings or not.  I am in distress,  feeling very nervous right now, where I still have 3 weeks to go.
Starting with a 2 week workout plan from tomorrow, which includes tempo, intervals and long runs.
My 7 day plan is as-
Saturday - 10krun with progressive run in the last couple of kms, then after a recovery km, 4 x 400 at a better pace (with warmup and cool down) 
Sunday - Rest day
Monday - Crossfit Strenght training
Tuesday- Tempo run 7km
Wednesday - Sprint workout
Thursday - Rest
Friday - easy pace 15km

Hope to cut that comfortably and aim to finish strong.