Thursday, May 8, 2014

Run less, Run faster

Looking forward to soon running my first overseas night marathon which would be truly a unique way to literally leave ones footprints behind and collect many travel (running) stories.
Although I have trained quite hard on endurance building like worked 7days-7k, did some long runs but I am still very skeptical if I would be able to improve on my timings or not.  I am in distress,  feeling very nervous right now, where I still have 3 weeks to go.
Starting with a 2 week workout plan from tomorrow, which includes tempo, intervals and long runs.
My 7 day plan is as-
Saturday - 10krun with progressive run in the last couple of kms, then after a recovery km, 4 x 400 at a better pace (with warmup and cool down) 
Sunday - Rest day
Monday - Crossfit Strenght training
Tuesday- Tempo run 7km
Wednesday - Sprint workout
Thursday - Rest
Friday - easy pace 15km

Hope to cut that comfortably and aim to finish strong.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Table Setting

"A beautiful table can make even the most mundane meal seem like an event."
I always admire beautiful table setting.  I feel whatever and however the food may taste, but the first impression is always the last impression and is always remembered.  Last week I had the pleasure to host a breakfast for about 15 guests.  More than cooking and taking it as a Hercules task, my all focus was on laying a cozy, elegant table. 
Although I didn't do something VERY unique, but just admired my very first attempt and really enjoyed the complete process.  It is a kind of informal setting with some greens in a silver pot.

I laid out the designer food labels with every dish.  Here are the few pictures of the whole setting. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We run because we are Runners.

It’s been a week and I am really working hard to get the best timings in 5k run. With a good start from 29.30 to 30 then 31 mins and last 29.40 mins.  Need to work really hard on the timings.  My ultimate goal is 5.20 pace for 5k which is 26.40mins.  The coming weekend need to break at least one minute out of 3. 

We run because we want to be healthy, strong, and fit. We run because we have goals and dreams. We run because we love the feeling of our bodies working hard. We run to experience the endorphin high.  We run because we like to challenge ourselves, push our limits, and feel accomplished. We run because nothing beats the feeling of finishing a good run. We run because even a bad run is better than no run. We run because we love it. 
We run because we are runners. 

And keeping in mind -
“Strength does not come from winning.  Your struggle develops your strengths.  When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Running Anniversary

It’s been almost a year I started running. I completed my first ever half maiden 15Dec'2013 last year,  ran a trail-a-thon,  another half on 16March'14(with improved timings).  Life has been blessed and wonderful since I started running.

Half Marathon on Formula 1 track,  International Buddh Circuit
I still remember almost a year ago I laced up some sneakers and headed out the front door on my very first run/walk.  I could hardly run a 100mt (post surgery) before I had to stop and walk for a minute, and again run and walk, I completed my first 1.5k loop.  It took me 3 months to actually be able to complete 2 loops i.e. 3k of run without stopping.  I felt like I had finished a Marathon.  I was so excited!  After that day, I don’t stop to walk on a run.  Somehow I was hooked.  My lifetime dream was to run 5k.  And then I found a group running in my vicinity area.  I called them and they just asked to join them.  And in no time I was running with one of them.  It’s still hard to believe that I completed my first ever 5.8km the same day.  I was astounded and was on the top of the world that the goal which I thought would take a year; I was able to do in a day.  The next day he made me ran 7k.  
And my life changed since then.

After the worst blisters I had because of the normal shoes, the same week.  The first thing I did was got some good running shoes and clothes.  I ran a 10k, 15k and 20k before the big day.  I found myself craving that running time every day, and finding huge benefits emotionally (burns stress, clears my mind, gives me energy, helps me focus, helps me feel good about myself... basically "recharges" me), along with the physical benefits. 
A lot of days my run is the only time I have to myself and one of the only things I do for myself. I crave it!

It feels really good to think that I am in better shape now.  Running has become not only my exercise but my hobby and a passion. Some days it is hard to find the time to run. Some days running is just hard. But I am always glad that I did it when I finish a run and it is always worth the effort.

Yes, as some people have pointed out, it is "just running". I have a wonderful life, incredible husband, awesome daughter, loving family, friends, a safe home, my health, etc. etc. etc. Nothing will ever be more important than my family. Yet those who know me and care about me also know that to me, running is more than "just running". This isn't something I am just doing to be in shape or a hobby. It is important. It matters to me. It is a calling. It is part of who I am. My dreams and goals are important.

Running has given me a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Running has helped me reduce my stress and increase my patience. Running has helped me make taking care of myself a priority and to better balance my life. Running helped me find a part of myself... a part that is athletic, strong, tough, brave, determined, and confident...a part of me that I didn't know existed. Every day running betters my body, mind and soul.

My ultimate long term running goal is to be a runner for life. I want to always be able to start my day with a run... no matter how far or how fast (or slow) it is. 

I want to be able to say "I am a runner" for the rest of my life.
I hope that I am counting "Running Anniversaries" for many years to come. :)

"Be Thankful for all things in life. Even for the bad things. SOMETIMES the worst situations in life turn out to be the best things that ever happened to us." - John Wilson

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let the Sun Shine in...

It has been a long silence here.  No reasons, no explanations, it was always my passion of doing up the house and maintaining the journal about it …is lost somewhere.  So, without discussing much about it,  here is one of the major face lift of my house over past 6 months.

I got the colorful punch of this room by going straight for a yellow Chester Sofa.  As these sofas are staples for the classic glam look.

The spring is just almost here, still a little crisp in the morning, blue skies, and warm days.

My favorite place, these days is beside the window sill, basking in the sun, sipping a cup of hot brewed coffee and study. Although sometimes catching up with little music that is strangely helpful for keeping me in the working/studying mood.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I’m unstoppable ..

Another break, another sorry, but how time travels or actually flies….I am just not able to keep up with the blog posts.  But this time I have thought about rather just penning down my house updates…I will also blog about being me.   For me being an Arian, if actually that is the root cause.  I cannot set to one thing, I tempt for diverse thrills in day-to-day life.  For now I have picked up is Running.  Over the past few months I have realized how running teaches us to keep moving forward one step at a time, especially in the most painful moments.   
Some really stupid things that make me feel like I have started to really experience the life of a runner.
Soaking a shirt with sweat.
Swallowing a bug while running.
Tripping and totally scraping up myself.
Blisters on my feet.
Sore legs for days.
Constantly looking for new hype songs.
Keeping my pace.
Passing people up.
Getting a sip of water from random sprinklers.
Falling in to a trance watching my shadow.
Getting the best ideas (but always forgetting them)
Making my last mile the fastest mile.
Getting jealous seeing others running when I can’t.
Smiling when my endorphin's kick in.
Inspiring the people in my life to run.

3 months ago I could hardly do a 300 meter and if someone were to tell me I’d be capable doing 10 km by now, well, I’d never believe it.  Now with deep faith looking for a half-marathon in no time.   I’m just another runner but I love every sick/agonizing/gross/painful/beautiful moment of it.

My hubby's and mine running new shoes ...  

Life is Short:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rise from the Fall...

The drastic change in temperature from 33 degrees to 17 degrees in past few days cannot go unnoticeable   Little woolens are out quite early before Diwali this time.  The air is breezy and chilly.  It is difficult staying awake and energized as the days get shorter.  

But a hot cup of coffee and cookies with some sun in a cozy corner of the room feels better.  Fall is the perfect time to make sure that we get enough Vitamin-D.  And getting the most sunlight possible means waking early.  Morning walks are just another way to keep me energized through out the day.  For me waking up early is very very difficult and so best way out for me is some super loud music kind of energizes my senses.  

What is your say on keeping energized as the days get chirp in...